Swimwell provides swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.  Lessons are provided for all those who need water confidence and stroke correction with Austswim qualified instructors and qualified coaching staff. We believe that learning to swim is essential to keep children safe whilst enjoying the benefits of water activity. 

Performance of the tasks in our learn to swim classes is only indicative of the swimmers ability in the program. Continual practice is needed to retain the current swimming ability. Parents/guardians are reminded of the need to constantly supervise children during aquatic activities.

Mums, Dads and Bubs (1/2 hour)

These lessons are suitable for babies and toddlers from the age of 6 months to 3 years. With the parent in the water as the teacher and a qualified teacher as a guide.These classes teach your child water familization and build their confidence whilst teaching the parent to be waterwise and safe.

Frogs (1/2 hour)

This class is a progression class leading to Penguins with the basics of breaststroke being introduced. As a guideline the child needs to be able to swim 20m backstroke and freestyle with correct breathing. Requirement for class: goggles and a cap (for long hair). introduction to diving when space permits.

Seahorse (1/2 hour)

Lessons enable the non-swimmer to develop basic swimming skills. Our aim is to provide the child with an individual program in a friendly class environment that will develop their confidence , swimming and water safety skills. Parent/guardians must be in attendance during lesson.

Penguins (1/2 hour)

These classes are designed for developing and improving confidence, stroke development, strength and stamina. As a guideline children need to be able to swim 50m freestyle , 50m backstroke and 25m breaststroke continually. Butterfly, starts and turns will also be introduced. Goggles, flippers and a cap (for long hair) will be required.


This class involves swimming 100 backstroke and freestyle, 50m breaststroke and 25 m butterfly continually. This is an extension of the Penguin class in preparation for the moving the child to squad. Goggles, flippers and a cap (for long hair) will be required.

Goldfish (1/2 hour)

Children need to be able to swim 10m freestyle with correct breathing. This level involves an introduction to backstroke and children will master push and glide skills . There will be an introduction to backstroke techniques. Parent/guardians must be in attendance during lesson.


You are never too old to learn to swim. We provide individual programs or a program in a class environment for beginners to advance. We are flexible and are willing to design a program to suit your needs and goals at a time that is convenient.